Mounting or Laminating

Add Depth to Graphics with Mounting or Laminating, or Our Indoor or Outdoor Banners

Mounting is ideal for adding presentation quality to almost any printed image. Mount any print onto a variety of substrates, choosing a thickness and color that works for your project. Choose from Foamboard, Gatorboard, Illustration Board, Sintra, and more.

Lamination provides that extra protection and can make color pop. Protect your prints from moisture and sunlight damage, while increasing durability and
enhancing the look of your printed piece. A variety of surfaces are available, including outdoor laminates for UV protection, laminates for dry-erase marker use, and high-gloss as well as low-glare finishes—to just name a few.

Other finishing services include the following:

  • Edge trim for a simple framed look
  • Grommets
  • Banner sewing
  • And much more!

Allow us to consult on your finished product by recommending the right combination of paper, mounting surface, and lamination.

We also offer a wide variety of binding options for your specification, presentation, and booklets. Whatever your need may be, we are “bound to cover it.” GBC, wire, ACCO fasteners, and screw post binding, folding, and many other finishing services are available. We can finish the job to your exacting needs and deliver on time.